An Open Letter from to the Presidential Campaigns will award $1M to the campaigns if they debate on

Dear President Obama and Governor Romney

In the spirit of the debating season, and on the heels of this most recent exciting exchange between the Vice President and the man who wants his job, I would like to introduce myself and my new website, and make a debatable offer that I believe will be both, inspirational and fruitful.

My new website Deeyoon.comis a social platform where people can have civilized real-time video debates with one another. Viewers can watch live video of any debates that are happening at the moment, or browse archived versions of older ones. People can begin debates of their own in which other users can join, or join a debate that someone else started. You choose the length of the debate, but Deeyoon structures the discussion with opening statements, rebuttals, and other debate etiquette to ensure healthy discussion that can be informative and entertaining at the same time. I believe we are ready now for the ultimate debate that will highlight our abilities while giving a unique platform for discussion on the most important issues of our time.

I am offering $1M USD to Obama/Romney and $500K USD to Biden/Ryan to hold a public debate on

Naturally, as there are campaign rules that must be followed, the funds will be donated to charities of choice or the Superpac of the campaign’s choosing.  If both sides accept each will get to direct half of the funds. is a better debating platform than the staged televised ones, with moderation that is both respectful and succinct.  The issues will be raised and discussed, the candidates cannot wander to slogans and posturing, and the public gets the debates that we came to expect from the Lincoln-Douglas days.

Will you take the brave leap into cyberspace and allow to host your next debate?

Time is of the essence, no one knows that more than you do.

We are waiting.

Joe and the Deeyoon Team

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  1. Juda, I would strongly suggest you to take a look at Meevsu is, today, the only platform capable of turning a video chat discussion into a serious, organized and structured debate. Why can I assure that? Just take a look on

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