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How Oracle founder has enjoyed massive success

It’s official, Larry Ellison is no longer on top at Oracle. There’s no doubt the guy had an impressive – and profitable – run. Now the market, not to mention Oracle’s competitors, are watching developments closely. The first thing they noticed is that Ellison is definitely not going away. He will remain chairman of Oracle’s […]

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Great Phones & Giant Robots

When you think of South Korea you likely think of cars, smartphones, and flat screen TVs. But what about robots? Well, with the advent of a state-sponsored 735 million dollar theme park featuring futuristic rides, as well as R&D labs, robots are fast becoming big business in South Korea. The park is not set to […]


US automakers need a PR boost

The PR fallout from the auto bailout and GM’s subsequent recall issues continue to cause trouble for the auto industry in the United States. While Ford and Toyota continued to post stronger than expected U.S. growth numbers, most other manufacturers reported disappointing growth. Some are blaming overly optimistic expectations, but Ronn Torossian says continually poor […]

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GMOs vs. Ben & Jerry’s? The war is on

While most companies in the U.S. seem not to favor the hot issue of GMO labeling, one company is stepping up (again) in support of natural ingredients and better food. According to Businessweek, Unilever CEO Paul Polman and Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim recently shared a meal with Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin. Two days […]

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Carlsberg Viral Video is PR with a Purpose

Sometimes viral video PR can also be a public service announcement, a commercial with heart, if you will. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a commercial puts its product second to another message and pulls off a PR coup without coming off as crass or pandering. Such is the case with a YouTube sensation from Carlsberg. […]

Branding Healthcare

The French Way of Cancer Treatment

Although healthcare is provided for everyone in the United States, the system has problems that must be addressed for it to function better. The French system and the French way of cancer treatment in particular, are being widely publicized by organizations including the World Health Organization which has ranked the French system as the best […]

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How TV series PR has Created Subcultures

 The entertainment business is about creating and selling products, so in some respects, entertainment PR is very similar to the Public Relations and marketing used to sell Tonka trucks, and minestrone, and laptop computers. But, because many entertainment properties are both individual and ongoing brands, there are many key differences. In this article, PR Executive Ronn Torossian […]

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Boast Darkens Apple’s Beats Deal

Public relations in the digital, instant media age is a much different animal. Privacy is now more of a concept than a reality. Everyone can shoot video with their phone, and no place is safe or sacred. This is a lesson people continue to learn the hard way, whether it’s a comic making racist remarks […]

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Donald Sterling, Stephen A. Smith & NYC Racial Politics

While the Donald Sterling saga and debates about race continue, is not it great that New York City is largely invisible in this story about race, and NYC media isn’t jumping on this bandwagon? As a 39-year old born and bred New Yorker, I remember the racial fears that existed in this city when I […]

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Commenting on Rolling Stone’s Cover of Terrorist bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Juda Engelmayer of 5W Public Relations (5WPR) on Fox 5 News commenting on the August 2013 Rolling Stone cover