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The Hamas Flotilla

videotaped interview with the captain of the largest ship in the
Gaza Freedom Flotilla has surfaced, revealing that the ship had been
overrun by members of the Turkish humanitarian group İnsani Yardım Vakfı
(IHH) preparing for a confrontation with Israel.

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Alone Among Nations, Israel Must Stand for Itself

Is there any real surprise over the outcome of the Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara in the waters off of Gaza? The alleged peace ship delivering so-called relief supplies to the Gaza Strip was boarded by Israeli soldiers, who warned days in advance that this was likely to occur. Israel, after all, contended that […]

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Goldstone is Foolish, Bolton is Right and Obama’s an Enigma

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I read the news today, oh boy!

The newspaper headlines send shivers down the backs of everyday Americans hoping for a break from this wicked economy. Not bad enough that unemployment is still high, that home prices are rising, and that good people still cannot break out of their slumps and meet the challenges for themselves and their families living basic lives. […]

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Food Stamps Are Not Enough; Food Needs to be Affordable Too

When the House passed the $819 stimulus package, they did it based on the presumption that sending more money to the average person, through resources such as expanded unemployment benefits, reduced payroll taxes, money for childcare and $20 billion for food stamps. The conventional wisdom on these kinds of give-backs is that through these benefits, […]

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Yesterday’s Thinking Won’t Solve Today’s Problems

I had a meeting today with a ranking member of the New York’s organizations dealing with hunger and food security. It was enlightening; a bit scary, but helpful in understanding the needs and the way in which those needs are being met, or not. To be fair, there are a lot of people who care. […]


Lebanon, Hezbullah = Gaza, Hamas; Lebanon, Hezbullah = Gaza, Hamas; Lebanon, Hezbullah = Gaza, Hamas

Have we just witnessed history repeating itself?  Did Israel back down without achieving any goal more significant than destruction of infrastructure?  Israel seems to have pulled its forces away from Gaza and ended its operation against Hamas as a nod to the new American President.  Yet, time can only tell what the net results of […]