Carter, at it again…

When I wrote this piece on the findings of that objective James Carter/James Baker study on how Israel is the root of all of the world’s problems, I erred in positioning it as a “Final Opportunity” for Jimmy.  My hope that his senility would kick in and prevent any more idiocy from pouring out of his mouth just did not pan out.

Apparently he recently condemned Israel for their defensive war against Hamas rocket attacks by saying that Israel is at fault (of course!) for destroying Hamas’ “Defensive” tunnels“.

Yes, it is normal for a real true peace seeking government to have “defensive tunnels” to smuggle illegal weapon in and out.  How could we all be so dumb?

Mr. Carter, please just fade into history and stop talking.   Your country is not well served by your clear blindness and selfish ties to Arab oil money for your Carter Center.

Perhaps leftists groups with objective mindsets will also see the clear hypocrisy of this 39th U.S. President.

Israel needs to stop the daily rockets from blowing up its citizens.  Those tunnels must be destroyed.

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