The Problem Even with Jewish Coverage of Israel in Gaza… Israel in General

Atlantic Monthly writer Jeffrey Goldberg penned an op-ed in the NY Times yesterday that pretty much sums up the Arab Israel conflict in a way that too many peace seeking anti-Israel leftists often miss.  In his travails through Hamas territory, Goldberg elicited the most honest interviews with Hamas leaders.  The outcome: Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and a decent sized segment of the Arab world believe that Jews are tantamount to the descendants of apes and pigs, and that Jews are a cursed people with no rights to Israel, and barely any rights to live among any other nations either.  Israel (Jews) is never welcome in their world and any cease fire is only temporary.

I believe I read that correctly, and I believe Goldberg was thorough.  Also, I have no doubt that it is all the true thoughts of these radical Islamists who control a vast majority of Arab thought and Arab lands.

Why is any of this new or different?  It normally wouldn’t be.

Most of us who support Israel as we do knew this before the op-ed ran in the Times.  Most of us, in fact, believe that the left and even some on the right who promote a two-state solution as if simply opening borders, encouraging commerce, trade, education and all the good things that civil societies enjoy will convince Israel’s neighbors that the Jews are not such bad neighbors to have alongside them, delude themselves and miss the point of Goldberg’s discoveries.

What makes it incredible to me is how Goldberg’s piece is irresponsibly titled.  After penning the 1489 words in this piece, pro0freading it, editing it again and double checking the facts, Goldberg, who is Jewish and admittedly felt uncomfortable during some of these talks (or a NY Times editor) chose to make the title “Why Israel Can’t Make Peace With Hamas“.

Does that strike you funny?  It does me.  After reading how Islamic clerics and leaders across the Arab nations and territories loathe Israel and cannot accept Jews as neighbors – pigs, apes, infidels, cursed, Holocaust denial, etc – the onus was put on Israel; better served would this piece and the readers have been had the title been, “Why Hamas Won’t Ever Make Peace with Israel.”

I would also have accepted “Why Arabs…”

Even where the writer cannot help but to exemplify the hatred amongst Arabs for Israel and Jews, the left must still try to sway the argument, if only so slightly.

It simply doesn’t make sense.


Juda Engelmayer is President and Partner with the NY PR agency, HeraldPR and a contributor to the Cutting Edge News.

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