Israel War against Israel

Palestinians Using Academics and Liberal Ideals to Promote an Extremist Agenda

War Against Israel


Cutting Edge Contributor

Israel Topics - Boycott Israel UKEmbargos have taken place throughout history, but boycotts have been waged universally attempting to compel a person, entity or even an entire country to change a course of action. Since the term “boycott” was first coined in 1880 Ireland as a way to nonviolently coerce landowner Charles Cunningham Boycott to undo his eviction decree, they have since taken place .

In the history of boycotts, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the American boycott of British goods prior to the American Revolution, the anti-Nazi boycott waged during the Hitler regime, and the boycott of South African investments during the 1980s, to name a few successful ones, were meant to overturn offensive, oppressive rules. Yet, none of these was actually intended to destroy the entity, but to move it away from its current path.  (Read More)

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