Israel Judasim

Gilad Shalit is Home and that’s all that Matters…

Israel did something very difficult this week.  It struck a deal with the terror organization Hamas to free over 1000 of its terrorists for one of Israel’s citizens and soldiers – Gilad Shalit.  Many people are debating the wisdom and strategy of this move, as it lends both credence and victory to the terrorists.  Yet, Israel’s sacrifice for one man is not new and should make a very clear statement to the world at large sitting in judgement of Israel ever day; Israel values life and it values the sanctity of humanity.  Hamas does not, the terrorists do not.  Shalit is perhaps the first prisoner kept alive by the Palestinian terrorists, whereas Israel has exchanged many healthy people for the dead remains of its own in the past.

Israel is not weak  – she is compassionate.  Don’t let this incident allow you see it any other way.

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