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Cain’s exit: The kishke of the ‘9-9-9’ candidate

When he first began talking about his 9-9-9 plan, immediately the thought of kishke and hot dogs came to mind. Here was a man who built his career on, and amassed his wealth in the food industry.
What could be better for the Jewish community than to support a businessman who not only openly touts Israel, but also knows good food?

Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was a solid option for Jewish voters for many reasons. The first being, he is a stated friend of the Jewish community and of Israel. Although coming late to the Israel game, once Cain entered politics he realized the importance of understanding the landscape of the Middle East and Israel’s predicament.

He found a deep spirited belief in Israel – likely emanating from good sense and his Southern Baptist religious beliefs. Prior to his joining the Republican debate series Cain might have in passing felt that Israel was being sold short by the Obama administration, but after his August visit to the Holy Land, he took it up as cause.

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