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Was quoted on the NFL umpire union strike

NFL won’t budge in its war over referees

League officials sticking with replacements, whose blown calls have enraged coaches, players and fans.


The Kansas City Star

JOHN LOK | The Associated Press
The notorious Monday night call
<br />
In the Chiefs’ 27-24 overtime win Sunday at New Orleans, Saints quarterback Drew Brees argued with replacement referees that Lance Moore had caught a touchdown pass after they ruled he was down at the 1-yard line. On replay, officials ruled Moore didn’t catch the ball. <a title="<br />
Both coaches in the Ravens-Patriots game Sunday night made contact with the officials. New England’s Bill Belichick grabbed an official, asking whether the Ravens’ game –winning field goal was under review. It wasn’t. The Ravens won 31-30."

Randy Covitz, The Star

The NFL, a league that prides itself on image and integrity, has a firestorm on its hands.Instead of headlines heralding the play on the field, including overtime thrillers and dynamic rookie quarterbacks, the NFL is embroiled in controversy because it has locked out its game officials this season.A year after settling a work stoppage with its players, the NFL, a $9 billion industry, is haggling over a few million dollars with its part-time officials and is using replacement officials…

My quotes

The brand power of the NFL needs more than one screw-up to affect it. “A couple more calls like this, and the public will start seeing the owners as greedy people who don’t care about the game any more.

“When Roger Goodell is setting out to bust the union to get what he wants, the trick is to show you can do better without the union. In this case he’s failing. He’s actually proving the union’s point that they’re needed.”

That call was the call seen around the world, the laughable call around the world,” said Engelmayer. “Everyone knew that. The NFL’s becoming amateur hour. It’s not going to take much more to start eroding the fan base.”)

— Juda Engelmayer, senior vice-president for crisis management for 5W Public Relations in New York

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