Now I Know What “Hotter Than a Match Head” Feels Like

I write and publish on a free publishing site called Associated Content. They offered for me to write about the heat in NY during our heat wave a few weeks back. Well I did, and I submitted the piece, but it never got read, let alone critiqued. So, here it is. Enjoy…

Now I Know What “Hotter Than a Match Head” Feels Like

By:  Juda Engelmayer

When the meteorologists predicted that New York City would see heat to break records, I rolled my eyes. Usually, when they predict snow storms beyond our capacity to shovel it, we get a teaser flurry, shutting
schools a day in advance, only to be disappointed when the snow mounds fail to materialize. It is funny how New Yorkers dread snow when we’re in the ominous gray days of winter, but longing for the snow, no matter how deep when the hot summer sets in.

Indeed records broke, as temperatures climbed over 100 degrees, something I had not experienced since our visit to Arizona a few years back when an Arizonian – perhaps even an illegal immigrant – who heard me complaining said, “at least it’s a dry heat”. Really! My sweat glands didn’t seem to differentiate. Hot is hot.

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