Is Skechers Investment Worth The Investment?

skechers-investThe computer may have worn tennis shoes, but a racehorse never will. So why is Skechers investing so much in California Chrome? Businessweek is reporting that the shoe company doubled down hard on the best prospect in decades to win the coveted Triple Crown.

But, why is a champion Thoroughbred and its handlers draped in Skechers blue? Because, despite the dubious connection, this is a nearly priceless PR opportunity. Ronn Torossian explains…Skechers makes plenty of merchandise of many styles to appeal to just about everyone. Even the upper crust of Kentucky Bluegrass Royalty.

Further, Skechers is now being seen in the company of other high class sponsors such as Knob Creek and Grey Goose, understood symbols of the “good life.”But, the real bonus here is that Skechers is in an entirely different realm than its typical marketing approach.

Why is that good? PR, of course. You might expect to see Knob Creek or Rolex sponsoring a Derby champion, and that expectation, when delivered, would go unremarked. But, see Skechers on the best racehorse on the planet, and suddenly everyone is talking about it.

Everyone. Is. Talking. About. It.

The key to great PR in this case is the element of the unusual, mixed with the expectation of discussion. People are hardwired to talk about things that bring them up short… remember “one of these things is not like the other…” See, we are hardwired to notice these things. Skechers understands the power of the polite non sequitur. They are not making a stink, and this is not a guerilla attempt at publicity. They outbid all comers for this honor, and they can stand proud when viewing their success.

Because, everyone else is looking at it, too.


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