PR How To Guide: Marketing to Women


Today’s woman feels pressure to do it all – raise a family, be a great spouse, run a business or succeed at their job, stay active and healthy, participate in the community, keep a home organized and clean… it’s overwhelming! Marketing efforts that are directed at women have to keep this “do it all” mentality in mind. Here’s how…

Give a percentage of revenue to a cause that women care about.

This is new type of marketing called “cause marketing.” By lining up your values with the values of women, which primarily lie with family and the community, you can appeal to their principles while marketing your business. Women want companies to be sustainable. Share with your audience how your business has gone green and the sustainable practices you’re proud to use. In the end, your company, products and services will be associated with doing good in the world, which puts you in a great light and can lead to customer loyalty.

Find people who “speak their language.”

For example, are you mainly marketing to mothers? Hire moms to write blog posts instead of finding a fresh faced college kid to pen your articles. Authenticity will come across in the writing, social media or other marketing avenues and your audience will learn to trust your content.

Avoid overhyping a product – old ways of marketing don’t make a dent today!

Instead, tell women what your product is and how it would benefit their extra busy life. Sell messages aren’t a great marketing ploy anymore, especially the more women get bombarded with advertising. Show them how your company can help them, their families and their life – they’ll get the message that in order to improve things, they’ll need your business.

Show that you value every woman’s time by responding to their questions and problems quickly and personally.

When you take too much time to deliver customer service, you’re telling your customers that their time isn’t important to you. Even if your product is priced higher than your competitors’, though, women will go with your company if they know they can depend on your fast, efficient service.

Sell the personality of your company more than you sell the products.

The products are secondary to reputation, service, atmosphere and visual appeal. One excellent way to sell a style instead of a product is to create an e-zine. Create an overall branded style to communicate to women that if they want the life you’re showing, they need to put faith in your company.

Brand yourself in your market, even if you’re a new business or a small business.

Many women prefer to buy brands, even if the other unrecognizable company has a better deal. The more clients you gain, the more recognizable your brand will be.

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