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You Only Live Twice

Here I am up at 4AM watching the off variety of entertainment offerings scattered about 5000 channels on Dish Network. With a lot on my mind, I stirred until I just woke up. Unable to go back to sleep, I decided to attempt to write my thoughts down in the hopes of making sense of some of them. Well, that\’s not working too well; it seems that writer\’s block is an effective constraint.

Ian Flemming\’s \”You Only Live Twice\” is on some channel called EACTN, and I have no idea what that channel even is, so I Googled it. It\’s Encore Action – I suppose it is livelier that Encore\’s other channel, Encore Sedentary; seems more appropriate for 4:26 AM.

I digress. I was struck by the title of that Sean Connery Bond flick, as lately I have come to believe that perhaps people do get second chances in life. Admittedly, the poor graphics and ridiculous dialogue make me wonder how this title meshes with the truth, but from my own experience, I see it to be so.

There is a lot in life that could use a second chance. Some wish for new love, others, perhaps, for a different career. There used to be a clever commercial on television with the slogan \”There are No Do Overs in Life\”, and Hillary Clinton used the line too when discussing her vote on the Iraq invasion. While it is just about impossible to turn the clock back, it seems quite possible for second chances. By learning from errors, recovering from setbacks and not accepting when the breaks are beating the boys, and you take the chance, you can come back.

You only live twice is a lesson for the strong.

Juda Engelmayer is President and Partner with the NY PR agency, HeraldPR

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