TransPerfect Gets $500 Million Credit Facility for Refinancing

August 31, 2021 By: Lara Wieczezynski and Katherine Doherty (Bloomberg) – TransPerfect Gets $500 Million Credit Facility for Refinancing The new credit facility — comprised of a $250 million term loan and a $250 million revolving credit line replaces the company’s previous $450 million deal, according to a company statement seen by Bloomberg. * Loan […]

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Story about Arik Kislin’s Entrepreneurial Journey

From Modest Means to Quiet Philanthropy Arik Kislin’s rise to being a philanthropist and role model for business investors has many twists and turns that make his story both intriguing and inspirational. Kislin was born in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1968. When he was four years old, he moved with his family to Israel. He never […]

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Christians Unite as More than Five Thousand Come out for Israel

To ensure that Israel is not just seen as a political entity, in recent years, CUFI has increased its level of support for Israel and Jewish people by not only disseminating issues about Israel’s politics and struggles, but by using its member base to make the Christian world more understanding and appreciative of the Jewish faith and its practices. Prior to the 2013 fast of Tisha B’Av this past July 16th, CUFI sent a note to its members alerting them to the tragedies that befell Jews on this day in history, and said, “Praise God that this 9th of Av of different. This 9th of Av millions of Christians around the world have pledged to our Jewish brothers and sisters- Never Again. Never Again will we be silent. Never Again will they be alone.”

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Commenting on Rolling Stone’s Cover of Terrorist bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Juda Engelmayer of 5W Public Relations (5WPR) on Fox 5 News commenting on the August 2013 Rolling Stone cover

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Juda Engelmayer at AIPAC 2013 on with Edwin Black

At the 2013 AIPAC convention, Edwin Black of the IBC Channel interviewed Juda Engelmayer on Israel’s politics and the world view on the Jewish State.

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Previously on The Bible: It Doesn’t Even Sound Right

Charlton Heston was Moses to me until I was able to appreciate my studies a bit more. What a disappointment that turned out to be. When I finally learned of the Exodus in school, I kept seeing the film in my head as we reached each scene in the Chumash (Five Books). I heard Dathan sneer the name Moses, and I heard God call in his deep voice, “Moses.” Alas, it was all an act. I was told many times in shiur that the TV version was wrong. So I stopped watching it, figuring at least for this part of my education I did not want to be totally misinformed.

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Kosher Wine Need Not be Remanded to the Liquor Store Ghetto

Fine wine and kosher used to be contradictory terms, but with the rise of so many wonderful vineyards in Israel, the race to produce the best kosher wines soon expanded to Spain, Australia, France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New York, California, and every other place non-kosher wines have been made for centuries.

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When You Can Make the News Your Story, You Master Public Relations

He took coffee, a basic common drink that everyone knows, but no one really considers news, and he made it part of the political discussion.

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See Sam Robert’s “A Neighborhood Through Time”

A shuttered Bernstein on Essex Street, where many Jewish shops have gone out of business. “The Lower East Side Jewish community has lost to the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side and the suburbs,” said Juda Engelmayer, an owner of Kossar’s Bialys on Grand Street.


Shout out to my father’s new book, Where There’s Smoke… A Suspense Novel

When a mega-millionaire is murdered, long-held secrets begin to unravel that leads back to a major scandal from the early days of the Allied Occupation of Germany. As the plot unfolds, a journalist, a small town New Jersey police chief, a Boston detective, an Army CID man, a Wall Street lawyer, a university instructor, and an FBI special agent form an alliance that, in the end, results in the creation of the informal and fabled Last Resort team.