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Does Apple’s tech PR need a Doctor?

apple public relations
apple public relations

Media gossip  claims that Apple is considering purchasing Beats Audio, the Dr. Dre owned audio company. The offer would reportedly make Dre the first billionaire rap mogul, and association with Apple can only push Dre’s brand higher, and is excellent PR for Technology.

While there’s ample debate about whether or not the move is good for Apple, from a PR perspective, even the question being asked of if of is Apple is offering to overpay for Beats Electronics, because it is running out of innovative ideas is damaging. The very question even being raised is harmful. No matter what is being said, repeat it enough times, and there is some level of damage.

Apple and Beats could join forces to counter this PR campaign of speculation and omission by touting one of the best reasons for Apple to buy Beats, instead of just making its own version. Leadership. Yes, Dre has almost unrivalled cool factor, but Beats other heavy hitter is Jimmy Iovine, whom the WSJ has reported will come as part of the deal for Beats. This, Torossian said, allows Apple to bring on the powerful Beats brand with its estimable leadership intact.

And, not only a proven pro in the industry, but a proven visionary. He is one of only a handful of music executives who was able to pivot quickly when Apple turned the industry on its ear.

Apple should not ignore the speculation, even though they should not address it directly. Instead, they should barrage it with a double-barrel positive PR campaign showcasing what the Beats acquisition will mean for Apple, and its customers.

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