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The French Way of Cancer Treatment

healthcare-prAlthough healthcare is provided for everyone in the United States, the system has problems that must be addressed for it to function better. The French system and the French way of cancer treatment in particular, are being widely publicized by organizations including the World Health Organization which has ranked the French system as the best in the world. This widespread acclaim is a big win for the French Healthcare Public Relations image.

How France and the French Deal with Cancer

For comparison purposes, a patient with pancreatic cancer from New York initially began treatment at a NYC hospital. In New York, most of the day is spent in waiting for test results which is a strain on both the patient and the family. The patient must have appointments with different doctors throughout the city. The patient who is French, chooses to go to Paris for treatment in a public hospital. In Paris, a nurse comes to his home to draw blood two days before his chemo treatment so he doesn’t have to spend hours at the lab.

Doctors in France take a team approach to treating cancer patients. Rather than having to go to various appointments, the oncologist, general practitioner, pharmacist, and nutritionist meet with the patient in his hospital room while he’s having treatment. This makes the patient more comfortable and causes less stress.

Services that are available to patients in public hospitals in France free of charge, are meals when they spend several hours in a hospital room during treatment. Transportation to and from the hospital for treatment is provided. Services that aren’t covered in the United States may be provided. When cancer patients families consult with the doctors, they meet with them as along as necessary and there’s no billing department.

The French healthcare system is basically an expanded form of the Medicaid system in the United States, in which everyone has health insurance, but there aren’t issues that people experience with Obamacare. People in France have considerably more choices regarding their primary care doctor and are often approved for medications that aren’t approved for use by the FDA. The satisfaction of patients in France is much higher than in the United States and the system costs much less. The average cost for a family in the U.S. Is $16,351, which isn’t affordable for most families.

Regulating the cost of healthcare in France is considerably different from what it is in the U.S. France has an organization which is known as the CNAMTS. Its function is to monitor spending throughout France. If a particular drug or type of service rises in a certain region, they have the authority to reduce the cost, making it more accessible. France also has a common fee schedule requiring services to have a standard price which the health insurance companies cannot raise. It’s obvious that the most superior healthcare system is the French way.

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