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The Need To Be Responsive


You may have heard the word “responsive” when it comes to the internet and the public relations industry. But what does it really mean to be responsive? Catering to the needs and demands of your customers by creating a customized experience through your products and services is what it’s all about. Because of the wide range of devices and technology that is available today, it is more important than ever to make sure that your company website and digital media is user friendly across many different platforms.

Designing a web site that is functional, fast and optimized for a user friendly experience will help you generate more sales and beat the competition. Statistics show that there is a significant and growing number of consumers who make purchases and decisions on mobile devices and tablets. From smart phones to large tablets, the amount of content and data that should be displayed will vary significantly. For instance, a smart phone user on a mobile network will need a slimmed down version of your website that is not too data intensive in order to have the best experience. This can be easily done, requiring only a small amount of coding, by checking your visitors browsers or platforms when they land on your site and making the necessary adjustments.

Making sure that your website is easily found on search engines and ranked well is the goal of many public relations and marketing firms. Due to one of the latest updates from Google, having a responsive web site will make sure that your website rank is not negatively impacted. As mentioned before, the speed in which web pages load and how the content will be displayed on different devices are just a few of the factors that go into determining what website may be ranked higher.

The new 5WPR website is a great example of how to integrate responsive practices with its site and services. Staying ahead of the curve and knowing the latest trends in marketing and public relations provides a distinct advantage among competitors in the industry. Through social media integration, interactive web applications and strategic content marketing, 5W provides a great example of how combining such elements can provide the best possible online experience to the end user. Every business owner knows the importance of customer service, as such, being responsive with your site and services online means that you are providing excellent customer service!