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The Need To Be Responsive


You may have heard the word “responsive” when it comes to the internet and the public relations industry. But what does it really mean to be responsive? Catering to the needs and demands of your customers by creating a customized experience through your products and services is what it’s all about. Because of the wide range of devices and technology that is available today, it is more important than ever to make sure that your company website and digital media is user friendly across many different platforms.

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What Public Relations Means to us Outside of the United States

by: Kenneth Murray, @Kenny_murray

I am a student of Public Relations and Marketing in Scotland, day in and day out I work with Scottish issues and I am heavily involved in the political scene in Scotland – however something I can’t escape is the brand of America.

Now I’ll be clear, when I say “the brand of America” I’m not referring to Jersey Shore and Big Macs. What I refer to is the pull America has as a nation. A nation built on immigration and integration – eventually. Around this time last year I visited one of the top Public Relations firms in America with my Scottish college that firm was 5WPR. Now to say I was impressed is an understatement; I was overwhelmed.

I had never experienced America really in person and only had TV shows to go on, but the design of the offices, the friendly nature of the staff and the knowledge of the impressive character who showed us around. Juda Engelmayer was clearly one of the best in the Public Relations industry and he in the matter of minutes had us all open jawed at his prowess and the popularity of 5WPR as a firm.

Now whilst studying in Scotland it seems we cannot escape PR cases from the states. It seems clear to many of us, that the most exciting PR industry is present in America – now of course our home country has many different clients – but what really gets our blood pumping is America. America has such an array of sectors within PR and is at the frontier, yet again in the Public Relations industry. The key advances are being made in America, the biggest cases develop there and of course – the biggest array of skilled PR professionals is there.

I am now in my 3rd year of study and it is clear to me, I want to work in America – to pursue that American dream, the “dream” that was surely one of the biggest PR scores for a country, ever. Why though? Besides the fact that every day in university we are given case studies of American firms, we are told to look at firms like 5WPR and Weber Shandwick for the right way of doing things? Well to put it quite simply – it’s the brand.

Every PR expert knows about branding and attempts not to be pulled in – but America, you have pulled many of us in. In fact I can assure you almost every PR student I have spoken to looks at America in awe and aspires to make it there.

Sure there would be differences, sure it would be a challenge and sure it would be galling; but surely as someone who works in PR that is qualities that should be there anyway? The willingness to overcome challenges, that sheer passion for your industry – and of course networking and taking advice from professionals like Ronn, buying his book (which is better than most textbooks I’ve read recently) and subscribing to his videos.

Dear America, you have one student here – the most influential PR student in Scotland according to the Behind the Spin blog, run by the Chartered institute of Public Relations in the UK and he has fallen for you.

How have you fallen for the brand of America? How do you think it could be improved?

Articles Source: “The Most Influential PR Student in Scotland”

please contact me at : kennethjosephmurray@gmail.com

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Public Relations & Business Success: Positive Thinking

By Ronn Torossian, Founder, 5WPR

Truth is, ‘positive thinking’ is immediately associated with the ‘self-help’ shelf in your closest Barnes & Noble, but it is much more practical than you might think. My experience in business, and in life makes me more confident on how positive thinking can get you where you want to go.

It is said on Sir David Ogilvy that during the early days of founding the legendary Ogilvy ad agency he’d go in the office and ask: “Well? Did Coca Cola call already?” He would say the same thing every morning, – until they actually did.  Is it a coincidence? Perhaps! Yet owning a Public Relations agency, I can attest that positive thinking integrated into our lives can make a difference.

Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. The power of imagination. It is taken for granted, not fully utilized and seldom used to leverage one’s professional direction. The truth is imagination is the very first –and very far- achievement towards where you want to get. It could be picturing yourself with a new client, picturing your new office, imagining a media coverage piece on recent major achievements of yours. Anything you picture on a daily basis consistently can materialize physically.
  2. Act as if you already possess what you want. Sometimes we hold back on actions or emotions just because we “aren’t there yet.” A simple tip: Pretend you are there and you’ll find yourself happier, and more fulfilled with what you are currently doing.
  3. Communicate positively.  People are often skeptic of their abilities, and great PR people (and generally business people) recognize that passion is key. It is crucial not only to be passionate about your own job, but on the brand, firm, personality you’re representing. Your positive passion on a product can radiate far, and will be genuinely reflected in your media pitches, releases and placements.
  4. What you give out is what comes back. You claim you can’t do something? It’s certainly harder if you don’t try. Express positive outcomes to ideas, initiatives and efforts. Don’t look for why it WOULDN’T work. It is well reflected in the methods of professional brainstorming. You do not rule out ANYTHING that is brought up. Apply it to something in your life.
  5. Communicate. Yes, it’s a funny tip to offer communicators and public relations practitioners but it’s easily forgotten and is being deserted. Pitching the media? Connect over the phone. Following up? Give ‘em a call! When we express ourselves verbally (and positively) we attract better results.  It also leaves less space for gaps in mutual understanding, and better personal relationships.

5 basic tips for the Public Relations practitioner and beginning positive-thinkers, but if applied daily it can be life changing.

Ronn Torossian is president and CEO of 5WPR, one of the 25 largest independent PR firms in the U.S. Named one of the top “40 Under 40” by PR Week & Advertising Age, Torossian was a semi-finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  His PR Book “For Immediate Release. Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations” is available at bookstores nationwide.

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More than a name, or face in the crowd

My career has taken me to many places, shown me fantastic experiences and introduced me to some very incredible people. From politics to policy, stateside and overseas, corporate and philanthropy, I have had the pleasure of enjoying my work almost all of the time. Public relations, when done right and for the right clients, allows freedom of expression and skill, and can put you in front of people whom most never get to meet.

I have walked with state, national and world leaders, dined with celebrities, counseled the super wealthy, handed out food to wanting hands in Haiti after Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted; and I advocated for Israel throughout every job I have held. I always came home with wonderful stories about some excitement or another. Some can get up and go to work every day and simply do it for the paycheck, but I always sought out more than that. My career has helped me achieve the paycheck and what my wife calls “the glory”.  Sure it has been exciting and does have glorious aspects to it, but it is the fun and the meaning that engage me. My most meaningful experience was when I helped Christopher Reeve on his quest for better stem cell technology. That one trip connected both my profession and a huge passion of mine – Israel. I accompanied this incredible and incredibly driven man to Israel to tour its stem cell labs and to meet children affected by spinal injury or birth defects. Never before has any one person inspired me as he did. I was so proud of Israel for the message it sent the world, I was proud of Reeve for his courage and just proud for being able to be there.

A by-product or PR, and maybe not a great one, my name has appeared in newspapers throughout the years. Whether I considered a run for New York City Council in 1997, my challenge to make the Lower East Side a neighborhood for Orthodox Jews to move into, or over my family’s bialy bakery (Kossar‘s) that my wife runs, our choice of credit card clearing houses, other politicians I represented, Christian movie makers, a dynamic Indian evangelist and a host of other times, including my own letters to the editor, I have been written about, quoted and even contributed my own work.

I have also received bad press too, some deserved, and mostly from blogs and the untamed and unnamed posters to such – usually for client work, and usually from the left when it was a so-called right-leaning client. So, I have seen the power of the press to do good and to harm. The harm hurts, trust me. Yet, we move on.

I do have one comment on this matter, and it is to the nature of the mean spirited posters to blogs. In my 18 years of doing this work, I never encountered such a level of low-hitting nastiness that stays with anyone for the life of the Internet. Bloggers themselves have free reign to write what they wish – for right and for ill purposes. Yet, those who believe that they are taking a “high” road by never censoring the comments are vastly contributing the scandal that holds back the power of the Internet. The bloggers who attacked what they think they know about me fuel the fire, yet the height of the painful rhetoric came primarily from commentators who just wrote nasty, presumptuous disparaging remarks – about me and about members of my family.

This is what I found the most difficult. Reporters wrote as fact what they merely assumed, bloggers ran with the ball to satisfy the need for viewers using the notion of “the bigger the scandal, the bigger the click-through proceeds”, yet the hoards of anonymous posters, seemingly scared to use their real names to attack others (makes you wonder what they have to hide or the credibility of their information) are relentless.

I challenge anyone who felt the need to write about me with a pseudonym to talk to me directly. Let’s see the bold and self-righteous step up.

As I see it now, there is so much more to do, and so many more experiences to be had. I decided to leave agency public relations to pursue other interests. I now want to focus on people and work that I care about deeply without the noise of the work we often need to do to pad the ledger columns.   I will be working with a non-profit agency that found a unique way to feed people in need while not seeking donations and handouts.  In fact, it sends money back into the communities that it serves.

Admittedly I had a rough year. Yet, my experience could either make me retreat or come back stronger.  I choose the latter.I began this blog with the hope that I will be posting regularly. My new job is similar to what I have been doing passionately for some time, but will put me where I can do more good, still be challenged and continue doing the parts of my career that have made be happiest.

“I’ve been waiting for my dreams
To turn into something
I could believe in…
This is the time of my life.”
–David Cook

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