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Sony Movie Profit Destroyed by Cyber Attack

Sony was hoping for another comedy hit in their stocking this Christmas. Maybe they will get the box office magic they are expecting from the Seth Rogen – James Franco comedy “The Interview.” But any profit will be mitigated by the fact that they are getting annihilated by a cyber attack that has opened the […]

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Ford and the F-150 – how a top seller became a PR Drag

It is a fact, the next F-150 will be made of aluminum. While Ford designers and promoters are over the moon about this purported advancement in truck manufacturing, not every pickup fan is feeling the love. In fact, as CEO of 5W PR Ronn Torossian points out, the new design and supposed upgrade has triggered […]

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Facebook Makes an About Face on Profile Privacy

Not long after blocking the profiles of hundreds of users, social media powerhouse Facebook is apologizing – to drag queens. These flamboyant ladies may not be your typical political standard bearers, but they found themselves thrust into the position of being the tip of the sword in the fight for privacy online. While stage names […]

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Effective Communication in the Healthcare Industry

One of the most valued qualities in a job candidate is the ability to speak, listen and write effectively. Organizations that communicate effectively with their internal and external stakeholders benefit in many ways than those that view communication as an internal matter. Effective communication in the healthcare industry encompasses many factors. Structure This is one […]

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McDonald’s is Having a Tough Summer

From Super Size Me to health crusades to flawed product releases and minimum wage battles, McDonald’s has faced its fair share of negative PR in the past. But Ronn Torossian says this summer McDonald’s is facing a very different sort of negative news. According to Businessweek, McDonald’s has been ordered to pay $27 million in […]

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GMOs vs. Ben & Jerry’s? The war is on

While most companies in the U.S. seem not to favor the hot issue of GMO labeling, one company is stepping up (again) in support of natural ingredients and better food. According to Businessweek, Unilever CEO Paul Polman and Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim recently shared a meal with Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin. Two days […]

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Velveeta Recall has Kraft Answering Tough Questions

Wal-Mart is in the news again, and, once again, the news is not being kind to the massive international retailer. Then again, according to Ronn Torossian this time it’s not Wal-Mart’s fault. According to reports, Kraft Foods is recalling nearly 300 cases of Velveeta cheese sold to Wal-Mart stores across twelve states. Those included in […]

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Splitsville for JayZ and Beyoncé? It’s A Public Relations Dream Either Way

Is the marriage between JayZ and Beyoncé in need of help from a crisis public relations firm, or is the mega-couple using rumors of relationship trouble as a PR stunt to fuel ticket sales for their massive world tour? Only time will tell. Whispers of cracks in the pair’s relationship first surfaced in May when […]

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Boast Darkens Apple’s Beats Deal

Public relations in the digital, instant media age is a much different animal. Privacy is now more of a concept than a reality. Everyone can shoot video with their phone, and no place is safe or sacred. This is a lesson people continue to learn the hard way, whether it’s a comic making racist remarks […]

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Juda Engelmayer of HerldPR on CBS about Lance Armstrong’s Brand and Crisis

Juda Engelmayer of 5W Public Relations on CBS about Lance Armstrong’s Brand and Crisis. Amidst the doping scandal, Armstrong lost many of his key endorsement deals. Can his brand be rebuilt and what will it take?